Confidently make creative social media content that your audience will love

Triple your brand's social media engagement with a proven social media content system

Hands up if:

⇒ You're expected to create social media content on corporate and dry topics, and then make them go viral

⇒ Your workload means you don’t have time to make great content

⇒ You get inspired by courses, but then lose steam and go back to your old way of working

You're not alone! 

While understanding the realities of working in comms and marketing, this course will teach you how to make your organisation's content engaging.

In only two hours per week, you'll take your skills to the next level, and get brilliant results from your work that you can be proud of.

Learn and get 12 weeks of coaching and support from Hel Reynolds, UK Social Media Marketing Award Winner 2018!

Learning outcomes

  • Gain confidence - so you’ll know what to post and feel sure you’re doing the right thing

  • Develop the skills to create thriving social media communities - your audiences will go from bored to buzzing

  • Create a plan - that will save you time and ensure your content appeals to your audiences

  • Stand out from the crowd - you'll create life-long habits that will have a huge impact on your effectiveness at work

  • Get recognition - as well as achieving the Content Expert Certificate, you'll be able to show colleagues and peers you are a trusted social media expert

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All this, in two hours a week

  • Live weekly interactive tutorials with Hel Reynolds

    Join live lessons every Tuesday morning and ask questions during the session, or catch up later on the replay.

  • Downloadable resources and planners

    Access to easy-to-use guides, templates, charts and worksheets - these will help you embed your learning and also act as reminder later on

  • Weekly homework tasks with feedback

    This practical course will develop your skills as we go through the curriculum. You'll do as you learn, and form a habit of using these techniques in your every day work.

  • An active online study and support club

    Students get membership of an exclusive and private group on Facebook to share ideas, help each other out and ask questions. The community is a place where we network and help each other out.

  • A special goodie bag to help you study

    Online learning is cool, but you can't beat a lovely notepad to write on. You'll get your gift box in the post with something to write your ideas on and a few other lovely surprise treats!

  • You'll achieve 'Content Expert' status

    When you complete the course you'll gain the Comms Creative Content Expert certificate. You'll be marked on one piece of project work which you complete over the course of the 12 week programme.

Your instructor

Hel Reynolds, UK Social Media Marketing Award Winner 2018

  • Hel Reynolds

    Hel Reynolds

    Creative social media specialist

    Hel Reynolds is a respected expert in social media strategies, working with corporate comms and marketing pros to build skills and confidence. She has shelves of PR and social media awards to her name, the most recent being from the 2018 UK Social Media Marketing Awards. With the help of her training and advice, professionals learn to think like a creative and plan like a strategist. Through her network of bright comms and marketing pros, including the popular Comms Creative newsletter readers and Facebook group, Hel is on a mission to get people feeling creative, fearless & proud about their work. She also loves to draw cartoons, chat to cats that live on her road, and binge watch repeats of the sitcom Frasier. Find out more on her website:

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from the instructor
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin... a quick survey
    • Course FAQs
  • 2
    Pre-course homework
    • Essential! Your homework before we start
    • Preparing yourself and your colleagues for your programme of study
    • Your comms creative journal
  • 3
    Week 1: Re-setting our thinking on social media content
    • 07.05.2019 Live webinar: Understanding the new rules of content; how audiences behave - the psychology of sharing; how algorithms affect our work
    • Week 1 worksheet
    • Further reading and inspiration
    • Test your learning
  • 4
    Week 2: Strategy (part 1)
    • 14.05.2019 Live webinar: A campaign approach; applying the CC Content System; goal setting; audience mapping
    • Week 2 worksheet
    • Further reading and inspiration
    • Test your learning
  • 5
    Week 3: Creative content techniques (part 1)
    • 21.05.2019 Live webinar: Select your conversation formats
    • Week 3 worksheet
    • Printable menu: story social media conversation formats
  • 6
    Week 4: Creative content techniques (part 2)
    • 28.05.2019 Live webinar: Flipped stories, culture mapping, social copywriting
    • Week 4 worksheet
  • 7
    Week 5: Creative content techniques (part 3)
    • Live webinar: Create great video and visuals 04.06.2019
    • Week 5 worksheet
    • Social media video principles
    • The guide to the comms kit bag: recommended equipment to make engaging video
    • The guide to the comms kit bag: recommended equipment to make engaging video
  • 8
    Week 6: June 10th - 17th mid-programme break
    • Time to take a break!
  • 9
    Week 7: Implementation session
    • How to take part in the implementation session
  • 10
    Week 8: Creative content techniques (part 4)
    • Live webinar: the art and science of storytelling on social media 25.06.19
    • Week 8 worksheet
    • A guide to the top 20 apps for making engaging content
  • 11
    Week 9: Nurture engagement
    • Live webinar: 02.07.19: Comment strategy; top tips to boost likes, shares and comments; Facebook groups; lead magnets
    • Week 9 worksheet
    • Further reading and inspiration
  • 12
    Week 10: Strategy (part 2)
    • Webinar: 09.07.19: Core content planner; plan and implement your commenting strategy; last minute content; personal goal-setting and accountbility
    • Week 10 worksheet
    • Social media evaluation template